Things to consider when designing a website

A large part of designing a website is making sure it looks good. However, how the website looks is not the only concern for a web designer. There are many other things they must consider when designing a website.

It’s important to create your website for your target audience and not yourself. When people visit your website they must find the site to be fast loading, easy to use and navigate as well as effective in communicating its message.

Mobile-Friendly ” Responsive”

People accessing the internet with mobile devices has grown astronomically over the last few years, and Google’s mobile-first indexes mobile-friendly websites above websites that are not mobile-friendly.

All website designers should be creating device-responsive websites in 2021.

Website Security

Security is a primary concern, especially if you’re designing a website with e-commerce functionality. It’s essential for your business that customers feel safe and secure when purchasing products from your site.

Taking steps like getting an SSL Certificate from a Certificate authority to keep information safe and secure should be a priority.

Inspiration is everywhere

It’s a good idea to be original, but there’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from other websites. Whether it be your competition or in other industries.

Other websites that have been successful can tell your approach to create the best website you can offer.


Designing a good website is not a launch and forget about it. You must be prepaid for constant change. From adding new content to small tweaks to complete redesign in the future when your existing website becomes outdated.

Website Design is an ongoing process after all.

Colour psychology

Take some time to read about colour, which in marketing and branding, focuses on the way hues impact a consumer’s decision to trust and buy the products or services of a brand.

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