Why you need SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a process whereby various website “optimisation” methods are applied to your website to improve the sites ‘visibility or ‘ranking’ in the ‘natural or ‘organic search engine listings.

If executed correctly, these SEO techniques will eventually raise your website above its competitors and other websites in the listings of search engines like Google and Bing.

You don’t pay for these organic search engine listings like you do for Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click), so its important that you take advantage of these available SEO methods as they will improve your chances of your website being found and visited by potential customers, which mean more enquires and more business.


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) like Google Ads is another great form of Internet marketing – and if your budget allows it you should invest in it.

The main benefit with organic SEO however, is that a higher percentage of people will click the organic listing before they look at Google Ads listings. The best way of course is to do both, and this is something that we do for our website. However, if you don’t have the budget for both, investing in good organic search engine optimisation is far more cost-effective

How do I get my site to the top of Google?

There is no way to guarantee a first-page ranking. There is no “instant solution” to getting your website to the top of Google. SEO is hard work; a lot of effort is dedicated to creating content, finding link opportunities, and obtaining a gradual and natural ranking increase over time.

Elevate Your Business to the next level!

SEO can be a real headache for some people to undertake themselves as it may seem quite complex and technical. We provide basic SEO with all the website design and development projects we create for our clients but if you want to give your website the best possible chance of success we also offer an advanced SEO service which we call “Jumpstart”

Taking advantage of our SEO Jumpstart program, we help businesses improve their online marketing strategies by driving more traffic to their websites, increasing leads and enquiries, improve sales, and rank their websites higher than their competition on search engine results pages.

We have a 100% record for obtaining Page 1 Google results for our clients using the SEO Jumpstart program.

Experience counts

We’ve had various keywords on page 1 of Google for some years now, in one of the most competitive markets. We know what’s needed to considerably improve a site’s positioning and increase levels of business. Almost all our clients contacted us as a result of their internet searches.

Learn More about our North East SEO or contact us for a quick quote.

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